Useful phrases

Domo: Thank you.

Domo arigato: Thank you very much.

Dozo: Please.

Hai: Yes.

Itamae: The sushi (or other Japanese) chef.

Konichiwa: A greeting, roughly `how are you'.

Omakase: Chef's choice.

Okonomi: The practice of ordering sushi a few pieces at a time.

Sabinuki: `No wasabi, please.'



Agari: Green tea.Bara sushi: Sushi rice and ingredients mixed together, as a rice salad.
Biiru: Beer.
California roll: Crab meat, smelt or flying fish roe, avocado.
Chirashi sushi (Iso-don, gomoku sushi): Sushi rice bed under other ingredients.
Doburoku: Sort of a thick, soupy sake.
Edamame: Soybeans, served in the pod as an appetizer.
Fuki: A fibrous vegetable often simmered in broth.
Futomaki: Large roll.
Gari: Pickled ginger.
Gobo: Long, slender burdock root.
Goma: Sesame seeds.
Gyoza: Stuffed wonton, pan-fried, sautéed and/or steamed.Hai: Yes.
Hijiki: Black seaweed in tiny threads.
Kappa: Cucumber, when used in a roll.
Kim chee: Spicy marinated cabbage.
Kombu: Kelp, possibly dried.
Makisu: Mat made of bamboo strips for making roll sushi.
Murasaki: Sushi bar term for soy sauce.
Mushimono: Steamed foods.
Nasu: Eggplant.
Negi: A Japanese onion.
Nigiri sushi: A slice of fish or other topping atop vinegar rice.Nihon Shu: A sake, rice wine.
Nori: Purple laver seaweed pressed into thin sheets.
Norimake: A roll with nori seaweed on the outside.
Ocha: Tea.
Oshinko: Pickled vegetables, usually cucumber.
Philidelphia roll: Salmon, cream cheese and some sort of vegetable.
Sake: Rice wine.
Sashimi: Sliced or prepared raw fish.
Shari: A sushi bar term for sushi rice.
Shoyu: Japanese soy sauce.
Shu-mei: Stuffed wontons, served steamed or deep-fried.
Soba: Buckwheat noodles.
Soba-zushi: Sushi made with soba rather than rice.
Sushi: Anything made with vinegar rice.
Sushimeshi: Rice for preparing sushi.
Tazuna sushi (Rainbow roll): A roll with diagonal strips of food across the top.
Temaki: Hand rolls, usually cone-shaped.
Tempura: Seafood or vegetables, battered and deep-fried.
Wakame: Lobe-leaf seaweed, possibly dried, in strands.
Wasabi: Green, very hot Japanese horseradish.
Yosenabe: A fish, seafood and vegetable soup.



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